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Roxanne DeVinna: The Songbird of Second Life

Roxanne Y. DeVinna is a jazz singer with a background in musical theater. A life long performer, Roxanne’s musical roots were planted early in life courtesy of her father, whose passion for jazz, blues, soul, and southern rock would go on to form the foundation of her musical repertoire. Roxanne spent many years perfecting her stage presence and tuning her voice as a member of a cabaret company in real life. As a member of the cabaret company, Roxanne performed many varieties of shows from off-broadway to rock operas.

Roxanne's dream of performing across America was a dream deferred when she became the mother of a child with special needs. Joining Second Life (SL) gave Roxanne the unique opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream. Roxanne has performed in various music venues across the grid since 2011. During her time away, Roxanne felt a pull to return to SL to share her voice once more. To Roxanne, music is soul food, and her natural giving spirit calls her to nourish people with the joy a good show brings.

Finally back in SL after a brief hiatus, Roxanne’s unforgettable performances are not to be missed! Roxanne loves to sing well known and well-loved songs from classic jazz singers such as Etta James and Billie Holliday but also loves to sing modern songs with her original jazzy twist from artists like Train, Shawn Mendes, and Britney Spears. Roxanne’s shows are sure to leave an indelible mark on your soul, creating a long lasting addiction for robust, sensuous, melodies that only she can provide.

In Roxanne's free time, Roxanne loves to practice new songs to perform in SL. Offline, Roxanne spends her time with her supportive family. You're most likely to find Roxanne either trying out new recipes, watching cooking shows, or tending to her garden.

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